Unmasking the truth in the face of falsehood and fabrication

Unmasking the truth in the face of falsehood and fabrication

As the war in Ukraine has unfolded, global media channels have been awash with news and updates from conflict territory. Audiences, keen to keep abreast of developments, have had to decide how and where to source reliable information about the conflict – a task made more difficult in a modern world where it is all too easy to spread distorted interpretation of fact with the click of a button.

Hats off to one of our clients, Prevail Partners, which has committed to publishing regular news bulletins containing accurate intelligence on what is happening on the ground in Ukraine. Comprised of security and intelligence experts, and former military personnel, the team at Prevail has unconstrained access to the true details of the conflict.

It has been sharing this information as widely as possible, for free, to counter the mass disinformation being released about the war and to ensure that the true story is told. And the integrity of Prevail’s intelligence is trusted to such an extent that it is relied upon by some of the major mainstream broadcasters.

Prevail Partners’ honourable action got us thinking about just how essential it is that accurate information be made freely available – not just in situations of conflict, but in general. Throughout history, there have been innumerable examples of the truth being skewed in the favour of, and to the advantage of, interested or involved parties. And the dissemination of what was recently coined ‘fake news’ – usually intentionally incorrect, false or misleading news – has only been exacerbated by the advent of social media.

Quite simply, fake news is the enemy of truth. And without access to the truth, informed opinions cannot be developed, decision-making is distorted, difficult situations are made worse, and justice –even lives – may be at stake.

Indeed, the potential damage that can be caused by the spreading of incorrect information is almost infinite, underlining just how important it is that the truth be freely broadcast.

While on a small scale, we advocate that people try to control their potential exposure to fake news through careful selection of their go-to information sources.

It is unquestionable that more needs to be done on a national, international and legal level to discourage, disallow and penalise the spreading of false news. But it’s fantastic to see Prevail using its expertise to do the right thing by the people of Ukraine.