Simplifying a technical story through simple editorial and clever design

Tokamak Energy

Tokamak Energy is leading the UK race to develop the technology that will allow commercially-viable, clean fusion energy to be supplied to the world by 2030.

As a company seeking investor support, Tokamak Energy commissioned Whistle to create a new website that could be used to communicate its cutting-edge fusion energy story to the world – and make it attractive to potential backers.

After holding a series of interviews with Tokamak Energy stakeholders to fully understand the principles of fusion energy – a complicated subject – and the website’s UX requirements, we developed a suitable website structure and design concepts.

In parallel, our in-house journalists developed simple and concise web copy to explain Tokamak Energy’s innovative mission to key audiences. By neatly marrying simple editorial with infographics, 3D renders and clever design, we created an accessible and engaging website that the client was proud of.


Future Energy

We provided
  • Copywriting
We were immediately impressed by Whistle’s experience, approach and enthusiasm for delivering our website project and they’ve been great to work with from day one.
Ross Morgan
Tokamak Energy Commercial Director