Positioning Molten Salt Reactor nuclear technology as a viable energy alternative

Terrestrial Energy

Terrestrial Energy is pioneering the use of molten salt fission technology and the superiority of molten salt as a reactor coolant to revolutionise thermal and electrical energy production for industry.

But commercialisation depends on investors and potential adopters hearing about the technology and understanding it. Whistle was therefore enlisted to create a new website, a suite of renders, and an explainer animation to tell the company’s story clearly.

The Terrestrial Energy website is now a fitting destination for a company that has developed game-changing fission technology. Utilising modern design, a fresh colour palette, neat transitions and a new user journey, the site is accessible and clear.

Our work to create photo-realistic 3D renders from CAD files gives the site strong visual appeal – something that’s enhanced with subtle animation bringing the renders to life.

The animation that we scripted, storyboarded, designed, animated and voiced in-house adds to the site’s engaging qualities and skilfully tells the Terrestrial Energy story in only 120 seconds.


Carbon-free energy

We provided
  • Studio Design
  • Digital content and comms
  • Animation