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Artificial Solutions


Service: Brand & Identity

Industry: Conversational AI



Artificial Solutions operate at the sharp end of conversational AI. With a fresh wave of optimism and opportunity sweeping its industry forward, Artificial Solutions wanted to modernise its brand look and feel by introducing a completely new and striking design system. The ambition was to move the Artificial Solutions brand forward with confidence and contemporary style.



In selecting a new design route, it was important to explore the concept of ‘new overtaking old’ and the need to bring a new vibrancy to the Artificial Solutions brand. A bold, bright and expansive colour palette was chosen for use, as was a fresh Roboto font which has a mechanical skeleton and open and friendly curves. A brand-new suite of quirky icons were also developed to convey Artificial Solutions’ modern and innovative approach to technology.

We provided
  • Brand & Identity
An updated intellectual property valuation analysis by OxFirst Ltd. shows that the valuation has risen to over SEK 1,6 billion, up from SEK 1,4 billion in 2019. The patents are cited by some of the most influential companies in the Conversational AI space, including Apple, Nuance, Google and IBM, confirming Artificial Solutions as a leading innovator in the Conversational AI sector.